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Spreading the retinoblastoma word

Petra Maxwell is CHECT’s Information and Research Manager; she raises awareness of retinoblastoma among healthcare professionals. She sat down with Kelsey Trevett to answer some questions as to what her job entails, and about working at CHECT… Q: Firstly, could you briefly summarise your role at CHECT, and what you do? A: The main part of my role is to raise awareness among healthcare professionals, including health visitors, GPs and opticians, of the symptoms and tests involving retinoblastoma. I also highlight the importance of urgent referrals for children with symptoms…

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‘Lacey has improved my life in so many ways’

When Kelsey Trevett was 16 weeks old, he was diagnosed with retinoblastoma in his left eye and it was removed. Unfortunately, aged five years old Kelsey was diagnosed again, this time in his right eye. His remaining eye was removed when he was six. Now 16, Kelsey has just finished his GCSEs and over the past year has been adjusting to life with his newest companion, guide dog Lacey. Here Christopher Payne, 13, talks to him about his relationship with Lacey, how she has benefitted him and some of the…

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Q & A With Patrick Tonks

Theo Sergiou interviews Patrick Tonks, Chief Executive of the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust Q) Why did you choose to apply for the job at CHECT? A) Two or three main reasons. Having worked in the private sector for over 25 years, I decided that I wanted to do something that had more meaning and purpose, so I decided to move into the charity sector. I knew that working for a charity would mean that I could do something that would make a real difference and help other people. I worked in…

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