Q & A With Patrick Tonks

Theo Sergiou interviews Patrick Tonks, Chief Executive of the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust Q) Why did you choose to apply for the job at CHECT? A) Two or three main reasons. Having worked in the private sector for over 25 years, I decided that I wanted to do something that had more meaning and purpose, so I decided to move into the charity sector. I knew that working for a charity would mean that I could do something that would make a real difference and help other people. I worked in…

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CHECT photo - Rafael Bagott Education 

Does Rb Affect My Life At University?

Rafael Bagott, who is in his second year at university, talks to Teen Focus about what it’s like to take the plunge into higher education…  “I remember applying for university, confident, knowing that I would definitely get in because I worked hard, and now it’s amazing fun! But I had to address the elephant in the room at some point…” Hi, my name’s Rafael, I’m 19 and I’m studying marine biology at the University of Plymouth. I was in year 13 and psyched about university, we all were but especially…

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A Weekend Lasts For Years

Eight teenagers headed on another weekend away to Kidderminster! It was a weekend of madness and mayhem… but also something extremely special, as 15-year-old CHECT member Theo Sergiou explains… We arrived on the Friday evening at around 6:30pm, of course me (as usual) arriving at two hours later, missing dinner. However when I arrived my nerves flew out of the room – I was so excited that I wanted everything to go to plan and for us to have such an amazing time. When I stepped through that door, the…

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