Beth in the CHECT officeMeet the TFC 

Meet the TFC: Beth

Hi, I’m Beth and I’m 18 years old.

When I was around twelve weeks old, I was taken to my GP because my mum noticed a white glow in my eyes. I was finally diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma – cancerous tumours in both eyes.

I had several rounds of cryotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy before having my right eye enucleated just before my second birthday. I am now 18 and though I’m now in remission, the remaining tumours in my left eye limit my sight to only peripheral vision.

Meeting people through CHECT events and Teen Focus Council has been incredibly helpful and rewarding – until I started attending these events, I hadn’t previously met many others who have had Rb.

In July 2019, Beth visited the CHECT office on work experience. During this time, she wrote a blog about her Rb story

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