Meet the TFC 

Meet the TFC: Harry

About Me
I’m a veteran in the CHECT game. They’ve done so much for me and the TFC was a great way for me to help give back to the team that gave me so much during my Rb.

I’m about to enter my second year of University, which also means I’m unfortunately coming towards the end of my TFC career. I study journalism in the beautiful city of Sheffield – if anyone is from around there I live in Crookes, in a little student house with my girlfriend and two friends.

I am a huge sports fan and I love basketball and motorsports. I am also the Head of Sport at Forge Press, the University of Sheffield’s student paper.

My Rb
The great thing about Rb is that even though it’s a rare cancer, everyone has a different experience. My personal story started just before my eighth birthday, when I was diagnosed. It was first spotted in a Tesco Opticians – of all places – before they sent us straight to the hospital.

My treatment spanned two years and included everything from chemo to radiotherapy and laser therapy to melphalan. Unfortunately though, in February of 2012 my left eye was removed.

With my situation, I could remember before and after my cancer. And that actually meant the hardest part of my journey came over the years that followed.

From 2014 to 2016 I received counselling for my mental health. It really caused me a great deal of pain inside because I felt alone and at times became an issue for my physical wellbeing too.

Whilst I beat my mental blockages through the great help of the NHS, CHECT really helped me make sure it never came back and helped me meet other young people who are exactly like myself (but with that slightly different experience that makes us all world-beaters).

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