Profile image of Samih in the gardenMeet the TFC 

Meet the TFC: Samih

Hey, my name is Samih and I’m writing this article as a member of the CHECT Teen Focus Council (TFC).

A bit about me.
I am and have been totally blind with Rb (retinoblastoma) since the age of two.
I love all forms of music, I’m a singer/occasional songwriter, alongside that I am a drummer and I’ve started playing and learning the guitar since September 2019.
About Teen Focus Council (TFC)
The TFC is a group of young people who come together to “EAT PIZZA!!!!”
Shouted all the members, happily together.
All jokes aside, we come together with members of the CHECT staff to discuss certain things. For example we discuss how to promote CHECT and the revamp of the website.
By the way, it is true that we have pizza for lunch. It is a kind of tradition now.
I hope everyone is staying safe and well.

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